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Welcome to Brian Harris Chevrolet Commercial / Fleet Sales
Let Us Handle Your Business Transportation Needs

Brian Harris Chevrolet has a Commercial Vehicles Sales Department to handle the special needs of our customers that meet those requirements. You qualify as a Commercial Customer if you own (or you handle purchasing for) a Company, Corporation, or Partnership, and you have a Business License and/or Federal Tax Number.

Some advantages of a Commercial Customer or Buyer:

Special pricing on vehicles and equipment

Free up-fit equipment - most models

Special service consideration

"Hot Line" Telephone numbers for information

Loaner vehicle if qualified


    Sales Department

    Kenny Craig Commercial/Fleet Sales Manager (225) 938-4450 or (225) 273-5318

  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ

    Featured Vehicles

    Chevrolet 2500



    ABC- Associated Builders and Contractors